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My Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad Day
Today is Monday. Mondays are usually not the greatest for anyone, but usually I can tolerate them. Today has been a disaster from the moment I sat up in the bed this morning. By the way, I have only been up 4 hours. Let's take a stroll through my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day..shall we?

Emily woke up screaming and crying, for at the time I had no idea why except she was what I assumed still tired. I will figure out later why, so will you.

At 6:56 this morning Sam decided to tell me she needed an apple to take to school today because its Johnny Appleseed Day. Well, of course it is! This wouldn't be bad except I have to be in the car line by 7am or we are in line forever and we have no apples in the house. I went, along with Samantha, to the grocery store yesterday and we bought bananas, grapes, oranges, one kiwi and no apples. So, I figured I could get to my mother-in-laws quicker than the store so I called her (she always has apples)and off we went! By the way, we totally made it one time for the car line.

As soon as I came back into the house I noticed Sams lunch money sitting on the table. Our table, not the table at school which meant I had to drive back over there to turn in the money to the cafeteria. I had NO idea where the cafeteria was.

Finally made it back home to grab some caffeine and sit down to watch some Golden Girls. Then the phone rung.

Emilys teacher was calling to say she had vomited twice and I needed to come get her. So, I take off to get her and trying to call the doctors to see if I can get an appointment. (Yes I talk on the cell and drive at the same time) I get to the school about the time it starts raining and remembered I left her wheelchair cover at home and her wheelchair was going to be soaked by the time I got back home.

So, four hours into my day this is how it went. So, how is your day going?

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